a collaborative pen-plotting art project


Hackaplot is a project for pen-plotter remote collaborative sharing, mainly thought for the organization of instant digital-art events.

Hackaplot is aimed at building a creative interaction between obsolete but fascinating technology and hardware, and the latest shiny technology of the mobile internet era, like smartphones and tablets.

At present Hackaplot features a python server and several different platforms clients ( Processing, Android, iPhone/iPad ...)

The Hackaplot server allows remote, collaborative use of a HPGL pen-plotter, and it can be run in parallel-users mode, dividing the plotter sheet in independent portions assigned to each connected client, or in single-drawing mode, where the whole sheet can be collaboratively shared, simultaneously superposing drawings from different clients on the same space.

Client-server communication is done through simple OSC messages exchange.




At the moment there are no clean complete distribution packages for Hackaplot.

A Windows client can be downloaded clicking here,
if you need to run a Mac OSX client click here, while for Linux client click here.

The main source tree (including the server and the source for java clients for main desktop platforms and for Android)
can be downloaded as a compressed package here

The source code can be browsed and retrieved from main Gitorious git repository here.

iOS iPhone/iPad client is not yet available in Apple Appstore, feel free to contact us for news or prototypes.
Android client can be installed from Android Market scanning following QR-code


For desktop clients a Java Runtime Environment 5 or superior is required

Links and Examples

Images and Screenshots

plotting data from switzerland and iPad client  virtual and real plotter results comparison
virtual and real plotter results comparison  server monitor screenshot

Team and Thanks

Last plot session at hva.dyndns.tv

last plotting session results

updated each 10s while hackaplot server is running at hva.dyndns.tv:6868
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Live Hackaplot Cam @ HVA